Global Elites Feast on Beef While Calling on America To Stop Eating Meat

Global Elites Feast on Beef While Calling on America To Stop Eating Meat

( – According to a Fox News report, the COP28 climate summit of the United Nations in Dubai offered its guests a wide variety of gourmet dishes that contain beef. Many social media users noted that these food options are the latest example of progressive elites’ hypocrisy, as many reports have said that the summit has called for Western nations to reduce meat consumption.

On its online page, the summit said that its food offerings include “melt-in-your-mouth BBQ,” as well as Philly cheesesteaks, wagyu burgers, “succulent meat”, and even “juicy beef.” The menu also offered Mexican fast food like Tacos or Tortillas, and African street BBQ. The revelation of these dishes came as many political leaders around the world have expressed concerns about the report, which would be a first of its kind.

The global food systems’ road map of the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) is expected to recommend Western countries that consume “too much meat” limit their consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In a statement, the organization said that animal-based diets have a negative “impact on our planet,” and claimed that the world needs an “innovative plan” and solutions to “overhaul agrifood systems” as soon as possible.

The FAO added that the “Global Roadmap” is a strategic tool that shows how “accelerated climate actions” can address the nutrition and food security challenges and even transform agrifood systems. The organization also pointed out that the roadmap will urge for good food for today and “tomorrow.”

The statement noted that the main goal is to achieve “zero hunger” in a “climate-friendly” manner to attract climate finance for resilience, adaptation, and mitigation. The organization added that it will also integrate numerous actions that are needed to achieve the “Sustainable Development Goal 2” by 2050.

During an interview with Fox News, Nebraska Republican Representative Mike Flood said that the global elites’ “hypocrisy” will always “amaze” him. He also claimed that the FAO are the same types of leaders who don’t want people to travel in airplanes while they do so on private jets.

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