George Santos Launches Lawsuit Against Late-Night Host

( – Former Republican Congressman George Santos claimed in a lawsuit he filed on February 17 that late-night famous host Jimmy Kimmel manipulated him to make videos that were eventually used to ridicule him on the comedian’s show. The videos were made on the Cameo app.

The disgraced New York GOP representative filed his lawsuit in US district court for New York’s southern district, naming Walt Disney Co., ABC, and Kimmel as defendants. Over the last few years, the late-night host has been showing radical pro-Democrat and anti-Republican stances, turning him into one of the most polarizing figures in the entertainment industry.

According to reports, Santos is suing over alleged fraudulent inducement, unjust enrichment, breach of contracts, and copyright infringement. The lawsuit alleged that Kimmel misrepresented himself to get the former congressman to create some personalized videos “ridiculing” his personality. Santos was formally expelled from Congress in 2023 after being charged with numerous counts of stealing from donors and fraud.

Through the Cameo app, the disgraced Republican leader received some requests from numerous businesses and people who wanted personalized video messages. According to the complaint, the late-night host submitted 14 requests that used false narratives and names without Santos’ knowledge.

The suit claims that the videos were played in December 2023 on one of Kimmel’s segments, which was named “Will Santos Say It?” In one of the videos, the former congressman can be seen congratulating the purported winner of a meat-eating contest, saying that the feat of consuming nearly 3 kilograms of beef in less than 30 minutes was “impressive” and “amazing.”

In an email sent to Newsmax, Santos’ lawyer, Robert Fantone, said that while Kimmel’s fake requests were “funny,” the late-night host violated copyright laws. The media outlet explained that the disgraced Republican leader wants $750,000 in statutory damages for the videos he created, which were eventually played not only on Kimmel’s show but also on social media.

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