Former White House Doc Says Biden’s Mental State is Getting Worse

( – Former White House physician and Texas Republican Representative Ronny Jackson said on November 26 that President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is “happening quickly.” During an interview with Fox News, Jackson told anchor Sean Duffy that he has taken care of three different presidents, so he knows what it takes to be the head of state and the commander-in-chief.

When asked about his take on President Biden, the conservative leader said he can’t “do the job” because being the commander-in-chief is a “grueling job” not only physically but also mentally. He also noted that the most concerning detail about President Biden is that his mental state is “going to get worse.”

Jackson was the White House physician during the administrations of Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush. He previously claimed that President Biden isn’t mentally fit to keep being the president and even demanded that he take a cognitive test or suspend his reelection campaign.

The Texas representative explained he has seen his decline for some time, even when he was just a presidential candidate before the 2020 presidential election. Jackson has said in different interviews that some of the signs that reveal President Biden’s issues include the way he suddenly forgets where he is or how he sometimes confuses a person with another.

During the interview with Fox News, he noted it’s “unbelievable” the way President Biden’s mental and physical health has “degenerated” during his time in office. He also told Duffy that Americans can’t afford to have him in the White House for the rest of his term or reelect him for four more years. Jackson added that President Biden’s physical and mental decline is already putting the United States “at great risk.”

When asked if other members of his administration have the same concerns, Jackson said he doesn’t know. However, he claimed that someone in the president’s inner circle needs to talk to him and make him aware that he needs to take a step aside for the security and safety of the country.

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