Former Mayor Given Obnoxiously High Wage to Investigate One of Her Own

( – Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been hired as a “special investigator” by the village of Dolton, Illinois, to look into Dolton’s Mayor Tiffany Henyard. Lightfoot will receive $400 per hour to obtain information on Henyard’s alleged finance and spending mismanagement in addition to any state and federal violations.

Lightfoot promises to pursue the facts where they lead, stating that she saw the residents wanting to head in a different direction from Henyard. At the end of her investigation, Lightfoot will present a report on her conclusions to Dolton. The report’s findings will determine what actions are taken afterward.

Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren quipped that Lightfoot, who lost her position as mayor in 2023, must have plenty of time on her hands to investigate the self-proclaimed “supermayor.” In addition to the possible misuse of public funds, Lightfoot is also investigating Henyard over allegations that a village trustee assaulted a former Dolton employee. The employee claims that Henyard fired her and sought to cover up the incident after it was reported.

Henyard also faces claims she misspent funds meant for pandemic relief and took excessive campaign contributions. In addition, she is accused of weaponizing the police in retaliatory raids on businesses and squandering public money on trips to Las Vegas.

Trustees have re-voted on issues Henyard had previously vetoed regarding the payment of vendors and invoices that the village has yet to receive. Critics mocked the large salary given to Lightfoot; however, if the investigation is allowed by Henyard, any incriminating findings by Lightfoot lack the authority needed to bring impeachment or charges against the controversial mayor. The FBI has claimed it has started to look into the mayor for allegedly misusing the police, but the board has pleaded with the FBI to do more to investigate Henyard’s spending of the village’s money.

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