Former Harris Aide Claims This Trump VP Contender Is a Big Threat

( – Vice President Kamala Harris has agreed to debate Trump’s as of yet unannounced running mate on either July 23 or August 13 on CBS. One of the current VP’s former employees is warning that one potential challenger could spell doom for Harris.

Ashley Etienne, the former communications director for Vice President Harris, recently claimed that Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance would be the biggest threat to her former boss in a potential VP debate. During an interview with CNN, Etienne said that the reason why Vance would be so “dangerous” for Harris in that scenario is because he’s currently one of the greatest debaters among American politicians.

When asked what would be the worst consequence for Harris if she had a debate with him, Etienne told host Laura Coates that the “one or two percent” of voters who remain undecided about Trump could be swayed by Vance’s debate skills. She explained that while not so many people in the United States watch the debates between presidential and vice-presidential nominees, undecided voters do to determine who they would eventually vote for.

The former communications director also said that Vance possesses many qualities that would make him a formidable opponent for Harris, such as the fact he is “quick-witted,” sharp, and “super smart.” She told Coates that many people liked those traits and explained that he would represent a significant challenge for Harris if Trump chose him as his running mate.

When asked if she thinks Vance is the favorite to become Trump’s vice-presidential candidate, Etienne said that it remains to be seen. However, she noted that Vance could be one of Trump’s most probable picks as she believes that one of the main aspects that the Republican leader will consider when choosing his running mate is their ability to win a debate against Harris. The former communications director also told Coates that she believes that Trump thinks that this aspect is crucial to winning the presidential election as he knows that Harris has a popularity issue and could exploit it in a debate.

Political reporters have been saying over the last few months that some members of the Biden administration believe that President Joe Biden should pick another running mate to have more chances in the electoral event against Trump.

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