Fed Up: Democrat Demands End to Sanctuary City Status

Fed Up: Democrat Demands End to Sanctuary City Status

(WatchDogReport.org) – The migrant crisis is putting a strain on community resources, and one Chicago Democrat is demanding that the city’s sanctuary status be lifted. Cata Truss, a government employee, claims that she and other Democratic supporters are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with how her party is handling the matter.

The available funds can adequately support neither the migrants nor the locals, and thus, it has become a sticky situation, Truss says.

Truss claims that Chicagoans are unhappy, and there is resentment over low-income neighborhoods and schools being “divested in” in favor of migrant care. She’s requested that Chicago’s status as a sanctuary city be removed and a better plan be put in place.

Despite Truss’s best efforts, she could not get any of the city’s Democratic elected leaders to meet with her and community residents to address the issue; she claims that “no one was willing” to do so. She asked if the party is unwilling to sit down with them, if they’re not willing to talk, why should they continue to support them?

She said a lot of Democrats are jumping ship over the matter.

Brandon Johnson, the Democrat mayor of Chicago, defended himself, saying he understands that some may criticize his approach but not doubt his ability to lead. Truss countered, saying the situation was not acceptable.

The mayor of Chicago has reported that about 34,000 migrants have arrived since data gathering began in October 2022 and that more than $156 million has been allocated for housing and healthcare for them.

Johnson campaigned on a platform that fully supported the city’s flood of migrants. However, he has since stated that the present influx is “unsustainable” and has called for further federal funding.

Last year, a Democrat congresswoman from New York, Rep. Yvette Clarke, said the quiet part out loud and revealed a strategy to increase power at the expense of struggling citizens —- request an influx of illegals to aid in “redistricting purposes.”

Bill Hagerty (R-TN), a Senate Rules Committee member, responded and introduced The Equal Representation Act, which seeks to cease counting illegal immigrants to aid in drawing congressional districts.

The existing system of counting illegal immigrants for representational purposes creates a paradoxical incentive for governments and voters to pursue open borders to increase their relative political power.

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