FBI Slammed After Illegal Chinese Biolab Discovered in America

FBI Slammed After Illegal Chinese Biolab Discovered in America

(WatchDogReport.org) – According to a recent Fox News report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ordered a waste eradication at an illegal Chinese bio lab in California, noting that officials found pathogens labeled “Ebola” and “HIV.” The conservative network pointed out that federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), are facing criticism that they refused to keep investigating.

During an interview with Fox News, Iowa Republican Representative Ashley Hinson said that people will feel like they’re reading a “horror movie script” if they detail the things that “were missed.” She revealed that the person who was behind the lab was a 62-year-old Chinese illegal immigrant and wanted fugitive from Canada named Jie Zhu.

Hinson also pointed out that all Americans need to know how Zhu managed to get the Pathogens and how he was able to get away with running the lab and receiving money from the Chinese regime. She also said everyone needs to know how he was able to come to the US and steal intellectual property.

On November 13, the House Select Committee on China said Zhu allegedly had ties with China’s Communist Party and reportedly stole millions of dollars’ worth of intellectual property as part of a transnational criminal enterprise. The committee revealed the organization had ties with the Chinese regime.

Zhu was arrested in October after a code enforcement officer raised concerns about a green garden hose that was sticking out of a hole, which is a code violation that eventually spawned an inspection. Authorities found not only thousands of vials with biological substances but also mice that Zhu was experimenting with.

Hinson and many other Republicans expressed their concerns about the existence of many other similar labs across the country, which would represent a threat to the US national security. The Iowa representative explained that the CDC and the FBI “dropped the ball” in terms of investigating the illegal lab. Speaking under condition of anonymity, a member of the committee told Fox News that the two agencies were contacted by law enforcement but “declined” to investigate.

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