FBI Director Claims Terror Threat in America Has Risen

FBI Director Claims Terror Threat in America Has Risen

(WatchDogReport.org) – FBI Director Christopher Wray told US police chiefs on October 14 that the amount of terrorist threats in the United States is rising. During a speech at the annual conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in San Diego, California, Wray said this situation represents one of the country’s main concerns right now.

The FBI director delivered the speech in the wake of Israel’s war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which executed a terrorist attack in the southern region of the Jewish state on October 7. The group committed numerous atrocities, including killing children and elders, and kidnapping of over 150 innocents.

Wray told attendees that US law enforcement is mainly worried about possible attacks from pro-Hamas copycats acting on their own. He claimed “there’s no question” that the United States is currently experiencing a significant increase in terrorist threats, and asked police chiefs to be on “the lookout” for those “lone actors.” He explained these individuals could feel inspired by Hamas’ terrorist attacks and start committing violence of their own.

The director delivered this speech one day after some of the most important cities in the country were on increased police presence and heightened security after one of Hamas’ leaders called for all Muslims to support Palestine. He also called for every Muslim to take to the streets of the cities where they live and express their opposition to Israel.

Despite his remarks, the FBI director didn’t mention any specific terrorist threat that the agency is currently aware of. However, Wray explained that even when the terrorist threat in the United States is increasing, no one should commit the mistake of targeting a community because of their religious beliefs. He said this is unacceptable and pointed out that history has shown that this type of act has led to “violent extremism” all over the world.

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