Famous DJ Found Dead in Gruesome Crime Scene

Famous DJ Found Dead in Gruesome Crime Scene

(WatchDogReport.org) – Former Memphis, Tennessee, DJ Rick “Slick Rick” Buchanan was found dead at his home on Wednesday by his brother, who had been sent to do a wellness check on him.

On January 24, a neighbor contacted Buchanan’s brother, John, to report that the DJ’s back door had been left ajar for many hours. Upon his arrival at the residence, John discovered a closed front door and an unlocked rear door. He discovered Rick’s lifeless body just inside. After walking in and seeing him, he quickly called 911.

Rick had his keys in his hand with his jeans pulled down around his ankles. When John initially laid eyes on Rick, the significant trauma to his brother went unnoticed at first. However, upon a second look, he realized — to his horror — that Rick had been beheaded.

The Berclair Police Department has verified the fatality, as well as the beheading, and are currently investigating.

In 2014, Rick was wounded during a heist in Memphis; he miraculously survived, but according to John, he was changed forever after that.

John informed the reporters that his 59-year-old brother — who is unrelated to rapper Slick Rick — had been a prominent DJ at clubs around Memphis until he was shot outside the Stage Shop in 2014. His mother, Nita Makris, operated the live music establishment The Stage Shop, where the DJ was held hostage. Fortunately, he managed to survive the ordeal.

According to John, Rick decided to cut back on his DJing after the event and never really found his way after that.

Friends, strangers, and organizations like MDA received Rick’s generous donations. Through the power of his voice and charisma, he was able to collect funds for causes beyond imagination. According to the page, he was also a huge fan of Memphis music and was very proud of his role as presenter, player, and promoter of local artists at The Stage Stop.

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