Effort to Remove Trump From State Ballot Dismissed By Judge

Effort to Remove Trump From State Ballot Dismissed By Judge

(WatchDogReport.org) – An Albany County, Wyoming, judge tossed a lawsuit aiming to erase former President Donald Trump and Senator Cynthia Lummis from future ballots. The dismissal of retired attorney Tim Newcomb’s lawsuit ignited cheers from Wyoming’s Republican Secretary of State, Chuck Gray.

Gray stated he was “extremely pleased” with the decision to dismiss the case. He also claimed that the lawsuit itself was “repugnant” and “wrong.”

The secretary of state went on to strongly criticize comparable attempts to remove Trump from ballots in different states and vowed to oppose the nationwide campaign, which gained momentum as Trump surpassed President Joe Biden in the polls. Gray expressed further disdain for the lawsuit, citing it as a radical left attempt to tamper with elections.

The legal battle escalated when Newcomb — in addition to seeking the removal of both Trump and Lummis — called on Gray to resign, accusing him of terrorizing Wyoming’s judiciary. Gray dismissed these claims, labeling them the antics of radical left-wing lunatics attempting unwarranted election interference.

Newcomb, within court documents, even predicted potential death threats toward the presiding judge should she have sided with him.

Reacting to the case’s dismissal, Lummis labeled it frivolous and emphasized that voters should determine Wyoming’s elections. She condemned any attempts to sideline candidates, seeing it as an assault on voters’ freedom.

Gray, highlighting his commitment to election integrity, underscored his obligation as a Secretary of State to safeguard the electoral process from such attempts. He reiterated his dedication to protecting the truth and ensuring that radical left lawsuits don’t subvert the will of the people.

The legal tussle isn’t confined to Wyoming. Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled against Trump’s inclusion on the ballot, accusing him of inciting violence after the 2020 election. Trump has appealed this ruling, insisting the Colorado Supreme Court lacks authority to bar his ballot presence.

Similar battles are unfolding in Maine, Illinois, Oregon, and Massachusetts, indicating a broader effort to challenge Trump’s eligibility for the ballot across various states.

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