Dueling Protesters Unite to Chant “**** Joe Biden”

(WatchDogReport.org) – Pro-Palestine protesters and Pro-Israel counter-protesters found some common ground at the University of Alabama on May 1, where video footage shared on X, formerly Twitter, captured both sides chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

Anti-Israel protesters at the University were demanding that it sever ties with Lockheed Martin and halt research funded by the Department of Defense. Students also blasted the U.S. President following his comments on the recent violence at the University of Los Angeles, California.

The protests, which reportedly saw violence escalate against Pro-Palestine activists after the arrival of masked Pro-Israel counter-protesters, were criticized for their “antisemitism” by Biden, who declared that “order must prevail.” Students warned that the president risks losing large numbers of a critical voting demographic by adopting such a stance on the protests.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is ranked the lowest of any president at this stage of his term in over 70 years, currently at 39.5%. As the Democratic presidential candidate experiences division in his party over the war in Gaza, American Muslims are becoming increasingly critical of Biden, particularly after the passing of a $95 billion military aid package, $26 billion of which went to Tel Aviv.

As concern mounts over the number of civilian casualties in Gaza – currently claimed by Hamas to be over 34,000 – tension has increased between Washington and Tel Aviv, particularly regarding the planned assault on the southern city of Rafah. According to Israel, the city is the last remaining stronghold of Hamas. The city is also housing thousands of refugees who fled their homes, however, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ignored Biden’s warnings that the planned offensive could cross a “red line” if it goes ahead.

Biden has even been accused by more left-leaning members of his party, such as Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, of condoning the massacres of Palestinian civilians. Netanyahu responded to Biden’s “red line” comment by stating that October 7 is the red line. He suggested that the White House quietly knows this, claiming that Hamas is part of an “Iranian terror axis.” As Biden faces ongoing protests and calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, the Israeli leader has dismissed American attempts to work towards a two-state solution.

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