Dozens of Practitioners Poisoned During Service

Dozens of Practitioners Poisoned During Service

( – According to a Fox News January 2 report, nearly 60 members of a Mormon Congregation in Utah suffered severe symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. The incident happened during a service at Monroe’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meetinghouse, with 49 of the 54 members who suffered the symptoms requiring medical treatment.

As reported by NBC News, the church said in a statement that an investigation into the matter concluded that a malfunction with the religious center’s heating system was probably the cause behind the incident. Church officials added that the religious center will remain officially closed until the issue is fixed, to guarantee the safety of all parishioners.

In the statement, the church added that everyone feels “concerned” about what happened and for the well-being of the people who suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. It noted that it’s currently working to support those affected not only by praying for their recovery but also by making efforts to support victims’ medical expenses.

Fox News revealed that at least 22 parishioners had to be hospitalized immediately. NBC News also noted that the problems started when a 4-year-old girl began to show breathing issues, and then an older man started to feel sick and developed severe coughing. Church authorities called the local fire department after noticing that another person had a severe headache. Authorities eventually confirmed there was a carbon monoxide leak and immediately ordered an evacuation.

Monroe’s Sheriff’s office said in a statement that local first responders didn’t have enough ambulances to transport the parishioners who were showing symptoms to nearby hospitals. The office pointed out they had to call numerous units from other counties. Church officials haven’t announced when they will be able to use the building again.

Health experts have explained that carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous because it can be lethal when inhaled in large quantities, which isn’t that difficult as carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas.

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