Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by Storm Repair Scammers

Don't Get Caught Off Guard by Storm Repair Scammers

( – In the wake of the Clarksville tornado, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) cautions residents about the potential influx of opportunistic individuals aiming to exploit those grappling with the aftermath. These individuals, commonly known as “storm chasers,” often emerge following natural disasters, preying on vulnerable homeowners during distressing times.

According to the BBB, these storm chasers are not all fraudulent, but they might lack the necessary local licenses and might make unrealistic assurances to homeowners. Robyn Householder, President & CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, highlighted the need for caution against enticing offers and high-pressure sales strategies in the recovery phase following the tornadoes.

The BBB stated to Fox News, “The tornadoes that struck December 23rd have resulted in numerous individuals facing property damage, and some have even lost their homes. As communities begin the restoration journey, Robyn Householder, President & CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, cautions consumers to be vigilant against overly enticing deals and aggressive sales strategies.”

The BBB provided several precautionary tips to assist affected individuals, emphasizing the importance of contacting their insurance company, conducting thorough research on contractors through reliable sources like the BBB website, and avoiding succumbing to pressure sales tactics from contractors soliciting door-to-door.

Householder underscored the BBB’s readiness to offer assistance via email or phone call, ensuring support during these challenging times.

In the broader context of severe storms wreaking havoc across the United States, it’s unfortunate that unscrupulous individuals exploit vulnerable homeowners seeking to restore their homes post-disaster. These scammers often exploit the stressed conditions by offering immediate repairs with a request for direct cash payments, leaving the homeowners in a worse state than before.

To navigate this precarious situation, homeowners affected by these storms or other major events are advised to reach out to their home insurance providers immediately. These insurance companies often provide apps facilitating damage claims and offer recommendations for credible contractors. However, homeowners are urged to conduct extensive research on suggested contractors or any other potential hire before finalizing any agreements. This includes verifying the contractor’s reputation via the BBB and other reliable sources.

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