DHS Sued for Millions of Dollars by Angel Mom

(WatchDogReport.org) – A mother whose 20-year-old daughter was brutally raped and murdered by a teenage gang member from El Salvador’s MS-13 filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security on January 20. Tammy Nobles claims that the federal government has been playing “Russian roulette” with American lives, and even accused DHS agents of failing to stop the suspect who killed her daughter Kayla Hamilton while he was entering the country.

In her $100 million lawsuit, Nobles argued that the Department of Health and Human Services and the DHS failed her 20-year-old daughter by allowing the MS-13 gang member to get into the country without confirming his identity. On January 18, she and another mother testified in front of a Congress panel that was conducting an impeachment process into DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The two mothers accused him of failing to enforce federal immigration laws, with Nobles telling the panel that she doesn’t want any other parent in the United States to suffer such a “nightmare.”

During an interview with News Nation, Nobles explained she and her lawyer won’t hold back and claimed no one at the border did “their job” or even checked the MS-13 gang member’s background. She also said that if federal agents had screened him, they would’ve noticed he was part of one of the most violent criminal gangs in Latin America and wouldn’t allow him to enter the country.

According to different reports, her 20-year-old daughter was raped and strangled to death on July 2022 inside her trailer in Frederick, Maryland. Police said she was living with the gang member, who managed to sublet the trailer from another illegal immigrant who was living in the area.

US authorities managed to capture the suspect in January 2023 after they compared his DNA to evidence they found on the crime scene. The MS-13 gang member was charged with robbery, rape, and first-degree murder. He’s currently being held without bail before the beginning of his trial, which is scheduled for June 28.

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