DeSantis Snubbed by One of His Own

DeSantis Snubbed by One of His Own

( – Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) has thrown his weight behind former President Trump’s 2024 presidential bid, which comes as a major blow to his home state governor, Ron DeSantis. Scott’s endorsement follows a pattern, as he had previously refrained from endorsing a candidate during the 2016 Republican primary until Florida’s contest, where Trump emerged victorious. A long-time ally of Trump, Scott also ran a pro-Trump super PAC in 2016.

In an opinion piece published by Newsweek, Scott made it clear that it’s time for the Republican Party to unite behind one candidate and convey a strong, unified message to defeat Joe Biden and restore America. He voiced his respect for the candidates running for president, acknowledging the difficulty of the process. Still, Scott emphasized that Republican voters have spoken loudly and clearly, expressing their desire to return to the leadership of Donald Trump.

Andrew Romeo, the communications director for DeSantis’ campaign, countered Scott’s endorsement by stating that DeSantis enjoys broad support from nearly all elected officials in Florida due to his history of delivering historic results for the conservative movement. Romeo underlined the governor’s appeal, suggesting that Floridians want a leader who can bring results-oriented leadership to Washington, just as he has done in the Sunshine State.

Scott’s timing in endorsing Trump couldn’t be more telling, coming just days before these crucial events. DeSantis faces stiff competition, as a recent poll shows him tied for second place with former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in Iowa. Trump leads by a significant margin in the same survey, with Haley gaining momentum after a standout performance in previous debates.

DeSantis has struggled to unite those opposed to Trump while failing to attract any substantial portion of Trump’s supporters. A notable shift in allegiance occurred when former DeSantis ally, State Rep. Randy Fine, announced his support switch to Trump. Fine cited DeSantis’s inadequate actions against antisemitism as a reason for his decision.

With Trump’s candidacy gaining momentum, the possibility of more Florida Republicans following Scott’s lead and jumping ship to support the former president cannot be ruled out. This situation marks a significant departure from less than a year ago when DeSantis was a dominant force in Florida politics, making his struggling presidential campaign a cause for concern.

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