Dems Join Republicans in Condemning Biden’s New Move

( – Numerous politicians from both parties blasted US President Joe Biden recently after he decided to block weapons shipments to the Israeli military if it ended up invading Gaza’s town of Rafah. Political analysts have said that the commander-in-chief is in a difficult situation over the military conflict in Gaza as some members of the Democratic Party have expressed their frustration over his support to Israel. The problem has caused a division in the party that experts warned could affect his chances of getting reelected.

In a statement to the media, New York Democratic Representative Ritchie Torres explained that the President was committing a mistake in denying more weapons to Israel, as the Jewish state is one of the most important allies of the United States. He also said he believes the president made that move as he’s “pandering to the far left,” as he knows he needs them as the presidential election gets near. Torres added that everyone knows that “election year politics” drove his decision against Israel and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Another Democratic politician who criticized President Biden was Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, who said he “strenuously disagree(s)” with his decision, as the US needs to stand with their main allies around the world. Florida Representative Lois Frankel also blasted the Democratic leader and claimed that the president seemed to ignore that Israel suffered one of the worst attacks against the Jewish community in history on October 7, 2023. She added that sending weapons to Israel is crucial as the country is currently “surrounded” by dangerous threats.

Many Republican politicians and political commentators also blasted President Biden for blocking the weapons shipment to the Jewish state. One of these was Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who stated that the Republican Party stands with the US allies. He added that President Biden’s decision is not only a terrible policy but also a “terrible message” to the Jewish state and every single ally in the world.

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