Democrats Resort to Lawsuits in Bid to Stop RFK Jr.

( – News broke on June 27 that some Democratic leaders are attempting to block independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential election bid through multiple lawsuits. While he has already made it on the ballot in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Delaware, Michigan, and Utah, many Democratic opponents have publicly stated they would sue as they accused him of being a “spoiler candidate.”

Some of these opponents claim that Kennedy is nothing more than a “political pawn” whose main goal in the presidential election would be to “sabotage” the campaign of US President Joe Biden. They have also suggested that Kennedy’s campaign will only serve to throw the electoral event in favor of former president and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

One of these was Democratic National Committee (DNC) spokesman Matt Corridoni, who accused Kennedy of being recruited by “MAGA Republicans” to run and take votes from Biden. He also claimed that the independent candidate’s campaign staffers have said that their endgame is to damage President Biden and that the Republican leader’s biggest donor is propping up Kennedy’s campaign.

Corridoni added that getting support from Trump’s biggest donor was the only way Kennedy could maintain his campaign as he had no “grassroots support,” and it would be impossible for him to reach the 270 electoral votes.

Political analysts have said that Kennedy has become a real problem for the DNC as many polls show that he would take votes from President Biden or the person who ends up being the Democratic nominee in case Biden suspends his bid. Some of them also explained that such a reality could end up being crucial in a presidential election where the favorite to win has a minimum lead according to all polls.

The latest lawsuit against Kennedy came from Scott Salmon, who is a Democrat and an election attorney who plans to keep the independent candidate off the New Jersey ballot, citing the “sore loser law.” The rule prohibits any candidate from mounting an independent bid after a failed one for a Republican or Democratic nomination.

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