Democrats Panic As Republican Senate Candidate Pulls Far Ahead

( – According to a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll, GOP Maryland Governor Larry Hogan currently has a double-digit lead over the two state Democratic Senate candidates in hypothetical general election matchups.

The poll found that the moderate Republican would easily beat Prince George’s County Commissioner Angela Alsobrooks and Maryland Representative David Trone if he were to compete against them today. Political analysts believe that Hogan’s strong lead after his last-minute Senate bid announcement back in February has massive implications in the battle for the Senate majority.

Some of these analysts explained that Hogan’s lead could end the dominance that the Democratic Party has enjoyed in the state since 1986 by winning every single Senate election. Experts such as Daniel Chang have explained that the situation would force Democrats to play defensively in Maryland to prevent Hogan’s victory at all costs.

As reported in the poll, Hogan would beat Trone by a large margin. The governor would receive 49 percent of the support, while the founder of Total Wine & More would receive only 37 percent, representing a lead of 12 points. While 14 percent of respondents skipped the question or said they were undecided, those voters would be split between the two candidates, which still favors Hogan.

The Washington Post-University of Maryland survey said that third-party and independent voters would support the GOP leader by a two-to-one margin, as he would take 54 percent of the demographic in comparison to Trone’s 27 percent. The poll added that Hogan leads with women as well and even draws 36 percent of black voters.

The poll showed that Hogan’s lead against Alsobrook is even more significant. The governor received 50 percent of the support among respondents, while the county executive only received 36 percent, representing a lead of 14 points. Hogan also has a dominating lead over Alsobrook among third-party and independent voters, as he received 55 percent of support while the county executive only received 25 percent.

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