Democratic Senate Candidate Under Fire for Targeting Toddlers

( – Rep. Colin Allred, who is trying to give GOP Sen. Ted Cruz a run for his money, is facing heat for his ties to an education outfit that’s stirring controversy. He funneled a cool million bucks of taxpayer cash into Big Thought, a Dallas-based non-profit. They claim to serve a whopping 100,000 kids and are big on pushing concepts like racial equity. The twist? They’re starting young – we’re talking 4-year-olds.

Big Thought’s website is like a wild ride. They offer up a play about a transgender child for students ranging from 7th to 12th grade.

They’re all about shaking things up, apparently. In one spicy Facebook post, Big Thought suggested America should be spelled with three K’s because they believe Americans are into collecting “black bodies” – that’s a lot to unpack. But according to them, it’s all about hope, healing, and letting the youngsters take charge.

Big Thought isn’t just about race. They’re all in on LGBTQ+ and gender topics, too. They’ve got a lineup of “influencer accounts,” and they even dabble in pre-prejudice, saying kindergarteners are already sizing up people and dipping their toes into the world of bias. It’s like the world’s most bizarre kindergarten classroom.

But Allred seems to be a big fan of Big Thought. In fact, he helped secure federal cash ($1 million) for their adventures in education. He even roped in Byron Sanders, Big Thought’s CEO, to join his advisory committee. Sanders isn’t shy about his views – he’s down with the whole defund the police movement and is pretty clear about it on social media.

Whether it’s white supremacy, systemic racism, or all things BLM, Big Thought is diving headfirst into it. But the big question is – is Allred in the same boat? He’s yet to weigh in officially. And as of now, his office and campaign are staying mum. It’s a spicy plot twist in the Texas Senate race, and we’ll see where it leads.

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