Democratic Congresswoman Makes Humiliating Mistake

Democratic Congresswoman Makes Humiliating Mistake

( – Democratic Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, who is running for Mayor of Houston, committed a major mistake on December 4 after releasing a campaign advertisement where she urged voters to vote on the wrong day. While the election will take place on December 9, she told voters in her advertisement that they should head to the polls “on or before” December 7.

Jackson Lee is currently running in the runoff election to replace Democratic Mayor Sylvester Turner. The outlet Mediaite officially confirmed that her advertisement was aired on Houston’s TV markets and noted that her campaign received numerous emails and text messages reporting the mistake.

In the campaign advertisement, the liberal lawmaker shows off her experience serving in the city council and the House of Representatives. She said she’s the best candidate to replace Turner as she has spent her career fighting for people in Houston and to keep children and teenagers far “from guns.” Jackson Lee also said she has fought hard in Congress and city council to protect women’s reproductive freedom and fund small businesses and schools.

The lawmaker pointed out she’s running for mayor because she’s the “champion” that Houston “needs” to bring down crime, bring well-paid jobs and fix the city’s streets. The video concludes with a big graphic that includes the incorrect date of the electoral event.

While the election initially had 17 candidates, Jackson Lee is now up against Democratic Texas Senator John Whitmire, who reports say took an early advantage. As reported by The Associated Press, the two liberal candidates have been focusing on potential budget shortfalls in Houston, as well as in infrastructure and crime.

Jackson, who represents the 18th District of Texas, assumed office back in 1995. In March, she publicly announced she was going to run for mayor and noted she believes she deserves the position as she has served the people of Houston for nearly three decades.

In addition to the date mistake, her campaign previously faced controversy and criticism after a recording where she could be heard delivering an expletive-laden rant against an employee sent to numerous news outlets in October. An anonymous email account sent the recording.

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