Democratic Congresswoman Announced Cancer Battle

( – Texas Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee announced in a June 2 statement that she had to pause her legislative activities momentarily as she was battling pancreatic cancer. However, the liberal congresswoman also told her constituents that once she’s properly treated, she will resume her activities and keep fighting for the so-called Lone Star State to become stronger than ever.

Jackson Lee, who is 74 years old and has been representing the state’s 18th congressional district for three decades, said that the doctors confirmed she had cancer and started the treatment immediately. She also said she’s aware of the dangers of the disease, as many Americans are impacted by it every single year.

She explained that she feels confident that her doctors will be able to “target” the disease and eliminate it. The congresswoman added that while she’s aware that the following days and weeks will be hard and painful, she believes in God and is confident that the Lord will protect her during these challenging times.

Jackson Lee ran an unsuccessful mayoral bid for Houston in 2023, losing by a considerable margin to then-Texas Democratic Senator John Whitmire. Following the defeat, she announced that she would try to get reelected in the House of Representatives so she could “keep fighting” for the people of Texas’ 18th congressional district.

This isn’t the first time the lawmaker has fought cancer. In 2011, Jackson Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to stay out of Congress for a couple of months until doctors revealed she was finally cancer-free in 2012. She said in some interviews back then that while she was scared because of the disease, she always maintained her faith in Jesus Christ.

In her statement, Jackson Lee explained that even when she is absent from Congress, her office will continue to deliver constituent services as usual. She finished by saying that her life has been defined not only by her commitment to “public service” but also by her faith in God. The congresswoman also asked her voters and people across the country to keep her in their prayers.

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