Defeated Democrat Files to Run Again

Defeated Democrat Files to Run Again

( – Texas Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson, who recently lost a runoff election for Houston mayor, officially filed for re-election to a 16th term in the Houses to maintain the seat she has held since 1995. The liberal leader lost the race to become the mayor of Houston on December 9 after losing to John Whitmire by a margin of 65 percent to 34 percent. Different reports pointed out that while most polls showed that Whitmire had a lead, no one expected him to win by such a significant landslide.

Jackson’s defeat took place after an audio recording leaked of the politician screaming at her staff and using profane language against them back in November. Political analysts said back then that the controversy would harm her chances of winning the election.

In his victory speech, Whitmire seemed to take a shot against Jackson, as he said that people always want to work with him and his team because they respect people instead of “bully(ing)” them. He said that one of the first things that his family taught him when he was a child was to treat everyone the way “you want to be treated.” Whitmire added that philosophy will always work in every context, no matter what community you’re visiting.

Jackson, who was publicly endorsed by former presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had another controversy that many believe also affected her chances of winning the election. In a political ad published on December 4, she encouraged her supporters to vote on December 7, when the actual date of the runoff election was on December 9.

According to a Houston Chronicle report, Jackson will face a hotly contested primary election against Democrat Amanda Edwards, who used to serve as an intern in her office. About her run to replace Jackson, Edwards said that she represents people’s wish for change, and claimed she can solve the state’s economic problems, as well as its infrastructure issues.

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