Comedian Makes Million-Dollar Offer to Supreme Court Justice

( – Comedian and host of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver, has offered to give Republican judge Clarence Thomas $1 million a year and a $2 million tour bus if he quits the Supreme Court. Oliver claimed the offer was only valid for 30 days and held up a contract saying that it would last until one of them died.

The British-born comedian blasted Thomas for focusing on hearing January 6 cases and removing women’s rights. Oliver suggested that the judge might need a “break” and a brand-new set of wheels. The host claimed to have consulted legal experts who assured him that the high court’s ethical framework would consider the deal legal. Oliver stressed that HBO would not pay Thomas the money but that he would personally.

Thomas is the longest-serving member of the Supreme Court, which has a Republican majority. The annual salary for a Supreme Court justice is $298,500. The judge has faced criticism for failing to disclose extravagant vacations and real estate gifted to him and his family by political benefactors. After complaining about the increase in salaries of Supreme Court justices, Thomas also took out a loan to purchase a luxurious motorcoach. Due to these revelations, the judge has been accused of lacking impartiality regarding both his support for the ruling to scrap abortion rights and his stance on discussions about whether to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

Lawyer Anita Hill long ago accused Thomas of sexually harassing her while supervising her on two jobs at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the US Department of Education. Hill said that she was forced to resign from her job due to the alleged harassment and claimed the judge talked to her about pornographic films featuring rape scenes. She also claimed that Thomas discussed his anatomy and supposed bedroom prowess.

Oliver told Thomas that his billionaire friends would not abandon him if he accepted the offer and that it is a good time to find out who his real friends are. The judge has responded to criticisms of his lavish lifestyle and has claimed that he does not need to report the travel and gifts received and that he received personal hospitality from close friends.

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