Columnist Suggests Biden Should Replace Harris With BIG Name

( – A journalist for the Washington Post speculates that President Biden could allay worries about his advanced age by making a bold move on his ticket: Swapping out Kamala Harris for Hillary Clinton.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker stated her opinion that the 76-year-old former secretary of state, who lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential contest, could help resolve the issue of the United States’ representation being dominated by older white men. Parker cited Harris’s low popularity ratings in her argument.

She claimed that one of the biggest obstacles to Biden winning is Kamala Harris, whose unimpressive tenure as vice president hasn’t improved her popularity. She contends that worries about a hypothetical President Harris keep people from backing Biden. 

Before losing to Donald Trump in 2016, Clinton served as first lady, secretary of state, and US senator. Her qualifications are solid. Furthermore, Clinton is still upset about her defeat in 2016, and so are her backers.

Clinton’s presence only serves to remind Democrats that the situation of primarily older white males in power would have been averted if she hadn’t been defeated in 2016. Those who lean left are also being reminded of her well-valued service as secretary of state, her relative centrism, and her support for Israel.

Parker is aware of the possible drawbacks to her strategy, such as the possibility of offending black voters. Swapping out a black VP for an old white VP kind of negates most of her rant. But she has an answer for that—in order to placate Harris and her followers, Biden should think about making Harris his new attorney general.

In a recent Politico/Morning Consult study, just 34% of participants said they believed Harris would have a strong chance of winning the presidency if she were the nominee.

31% and 62%, respectively, of the undecided individuals identify as Democrats and Independents.

Voters doubt Harris’ ability to govern the country skillfully in a role as president. Just forty percent of respondents thought she would be a great president; the majority, fifty-one percent, disagreed. Nine percent of those questioned were unsure or had no opinion at all.

Public opinion surveys suggest that Trump has a good chance of defeating Biden in the forthcoming election in November.

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