Cause of Death Revealed for ‘Pawn Stars’ Family Tragedy

( – Pawn Stars’ main character and TV superstar Rick Harrison revealed on January 23 that his son Adam Harrison’s cause of death was a fentanyl overdose. In a statement sent to Fox News, Harrison explained that he feels devastated because of his son’s death. He noted that the fentanyl crisis that the United States has been experiencing over the last few years must be taken “more seriously.” He also pointed out that US authorities are doing nothing to solve the problem, which he said is “flowing over the border” and is affecting many families all across the country.

Details surrounding Adam Harrison’s death, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at an unknown location, weren’t immediately shared by authorities. After rumors and speculations on social media, Harrison family spokeswoman Laura Herlovich said in a statement that 39-year-old Adam Harrison died of an overdose, without mentioning the drug he was consuming. She added that all the family wants right now is “privacy” as they grieve his loss.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) described fentanyl as a Schedule II controlled substance that, while it has similarities to morphine, it’s nearly “100 times” more potent. The agency pointed out that two milligrams of fentanyl can end up being lethal, depending on the body size of the person who consumes it.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths resulting from synthetic opioid overdoses increased 55.6 percent from January 2020 to 2021. The agency pointed out that illicitly manufactured fentanyl seems to be the main driver of the increase in drug overdose deaths.

Adam Harrison was the second child Rick had with his ex-wife Kim. The former couple also had another son named Corey Harrison, who is one of the main characters of Pawn Stars. Rick Harrison eventually re-married and currently has another son named Jake with his second wife, Tracy. While Adam had minor appearances on the TV show, he used to work at the shop.

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