Billionaire Pulls Donations As Protests Rock University

( – New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft explained in an April 22 letter that he would stop donating money to Columbia University because of the anti-Israel demonstrations that have been taking place at its installations. He said that the protests have shown a “virulent hate” that has grown not only inside the campus but also across the United States.

Since the October 7 attacks committed by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Israel and the military response from the Israeli Armed Forces in Gaza, many liberals and progressives have held massive protests against the Jewish State. According to numerous reports, antisemitic crimes skyrocketed from that moment, especially in some of the most important colleges and universities in the country. Some Jewish students and professors have even decided to stop attending classes or even going to campus, as they claim that authorities aren’t doing enough to protect them.

Kraft, who is also one of the founders of the Combat Antisemitism foundation, added that he would no longer recognize Columbia University as long as the so-called “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” keeps operating on its grounds. The encampment was built on April 17 and was described by many demonstrators as an anti-Israel and anti-Zionist fortress. They also said in a public statement that they would dismantle the encampment when the university authorities cancel the business and commercial dealings that the academic institution has with pro-Israel companies and enterprises.

Kraft explained he feels sad about what is taking place at the university he once attended “on a scholarship.” He also explained that he would stop donating money to the academic institution as its authorities are unable to protect staff members and innocent students. Kraft added that the entire situation would change if Columbia’s leadership decided to end the demonstrations and the encampment as soon as possible.

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