Billionaire Donors Reportedly Set to Help Trump Tackle Multi-Million Dollar Bond

( – According to a Reuters March 26 report, numerous billionaires who are also Republican Party donors are planning to provide financial support to former President and GOP nominee Donald Trump with his bond in his civil fraud case. The news agency said that some sources revealed that one of the most important donors who is willing to help the Republican leader with his legal expenses is billionaire hedge fund founder John Paulson.

The news came a day after a New York appeals court determined that the bond in Trump’s case had to be reduced to $175 million, which some analysts said was a major ruling as the bond was originally $464 million. They added that significant reduction prompted the billionaires to help the former commander-in-chief, as it would’ve been difficult to provide that financial help if the original bond remained.

According to some reports, the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James is trying to seize the Republican leader’s assets after she claimed that the former president manipulated their value to guarantee favorable loan terms. She added that Trump had taken illegal action to secure lower insurance premiums.

Despite the billionaire’s willingness to pay the $175 million bond in Trump’s civil fraud case, a Trump campaign spokesman told Reuters that there isn’t any coordinated effort to provide financial support to the Republican leader. The person also told the news agency that while Trump is thankful for their intention to help him, the former president doesn’t need any help with his legal expenses as he is wealthy enough to pay for everything.

During a press conference in New York on March 25, Trump delivered the same message. He suggested that he could easily pay the total amount of the bond as it wouldn’t affect him economically. He even told reporters that he would post the $175 million in cash or “securities,” or “bonds, “or whatever is necessary.

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