Bill Maher Offers Up Startling Suggestion to Biden

( – HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher said on March 8 that his “dream ticket” for 2024 would be US President Joe Biden running alongside former Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. While many considered her the only real competitor of former President Donald Trump for the GOP’s nomination, Haley suspended her presidential campaign after a disappointing Super Tuesday.

During a panel discussion at the show, Maher claimed that Haley and many Republicans needed to accept that she won’t have “a future” in the GOP as long as Trump remains as its prominent leader. When asked what he thought she could do, Maher suggested a new political path and explained that, while he knew it as “crazy to think,” Haley should run with President Biden as her vice president for the presidential election. He said that the commander-in-chief would “definitely win” in that scenario, as it would be a “unity ticket.”

One of the guests who disagreed with Maher’s idea was Puck correspondent Tara Palmiere, who explained that swapping US Vice President Kamala Harris for the former GOP governor would “destroy” the Democratic base. While Maher pushed back by saying that it wouldn’t be that problematic because Haley was a “woman of color,” Palmiere responded that black women were currently “the core” of the party.

While many Democrats and liberals expressed their disagreement with the HBO host on social media for wanting to replace Harris, his latest comments weren’t the first time he discussed the idea of swapping her out of the Democratic ticket. In October 2022, Maher said that the Democratic Party needed to replace her because she wasn’t “very popular anywhere.” He also said that taking that step wouldn’t end up being chaotic or unprecedented as that type of political move has been done in the past on a ticket.

While Haley signed the RNC pledge to support the candidate who becomes the nominee, she hasn’t endorsed Trump.

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