Biden’s Family Reportedly Urging Him to Make Big Changes

( – Members of President Joe Biden’s family are reportedly blasting his campaign team in private and asking him to demote or fire people following his poor performance in his debate with former President Donald Trump on June 27. Three individuals informed of the family discussions but not directly included in them said there was no “immediate expectation” for the president to follow the advice.

Biden’s relatives reportedly took issue with the way the debate was run, complaining that the incumbent president could not respond properly to the debate and challenge Trump more. They also claimed he worked too hard and did not get the opportunity to outline his vision for a second term in the White House fully.

First Lady Jill Biden, Joe’s son Hunter Biden, and the grandchildren of the president attended a rally at Camp David on June 30. It was the first time the family gathered since the televised one-on-one debate, which showed the 81-year-old incumbent president struggling to get out his sentences, appearing to lose his train of thought and freezing completely on occasions.

Hunter, who was recently convicted on gun charges, insisted that his father has a sharp mind. Jill dismissed concerns about the debate, showing her confidence in his ability to lead the country for a second term and declaring that the whole family is behind the president.

John Morgan, a lawyer in Florida and major donor to Biden’s campaign, said in a post on X that senior adviser Anita Dunn, who he dubbed “Anita Dunce,” was responsible for the president looking like a “corpse” in the televised debate. He noted how ill Biden looked compared to his tanned appearance in North Carolina the following day.

Morgan called for the resignation of Dunn and two other senior campaign staff members—Bob Bauer and Ron Klain—in comments apparently shared by several Biden family members. He said Biden looked “drained” and that the senior campaign staff had failed him.

Biden is known to be protective and loyal towards his advisers, and on the day of the family meeting, there was no indication that any significant staff changes were imminent. As Biden shows little sign of backing down from his campaign, the Democratic Party fights to reassure its donors following the lackluster debate.

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