Biden Wants to Stop the GOP from Polling for Citizenship

( – The White House recently stated that it “strongly” opposed an effort from the House of Representatives to prevent non-citizens from being counted by authorities for congressional apportionment by determining their citizenship status on the census. In a statement, the Office of Management and Budget said that the legislation would end up being too expensive and would make it more difficult for US authorities to get “accurate” information from non-citizens.

The White House added that the legislation would eventually “preclude” the Census Bureau of the US Department of Commerce from performing its job of counting the number of people in the country in the decennial census. It also explained that the legislation would violate the 14th Amendment.

The H.R. 7109 – Equal Representation Act, passed through the House in a 206 – 202 vote and has been sent to the Senate. It would officially require a citizenship question to be included in the census. The question would ask the respondent if they are an illegal immigrant, a non-citizen, a resident, or a citizen.

The proposed legislation would also mandate that non-citizens be formally excluded from the decennial census count used for redistributing congressional districts. Right now, every census participant, whether a US citizen or not, is included in the redistricting process.

The legislation would pertain to the census carried out in 2030, and it comes in the wake of a migrant and border crisis that Republicans believe could be used by the Democratic Party in its favor. Some conservative political leaders and commentators have claimed that Democrats will probably turn many of these migrants into another electoral base shortly, which would make them stronger in electoral events.

Some Republicans have said that the legislation will prevent Americans from being diluted by those who enter the country illegally. One of these was Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty, who said back in January that Democrats are “back-filling” with illegal immigrants the exodus from Democrat-run cities in the country.

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