Biden Vows to Respond After US Service Members Killed

Biden Vows to Respond After US Service Members Killed

( – US President Joe Biden has vowed to respond after three United States troops were brutally killed in a drone attack backed by the Iranian regime in Jordan on January 27. During a speaking engagement in South Carolina, the commander-in-chief held a moment of silence, eventually delivering some words about the three American soldiers who were killed in the Middle Eastern nation.

President Biden described them as “three brave souls” and Americans who gave their lives for the country. He explained that it was a “tough day” for everyone in the country and noted that the drone strike took place in one of the United States military bases in Jordan, which is located near the border with Iraq and Syria.

In his speaking engagement at the Brookland Baptist Banquet Center, the liberal leader said that his administration will “respond” to the attack, as he noted that those responsible will have to face the consequences. President Biden’s remarks came after he confirmed the drone attack in a statement, where he acknowledged that two dozen American soldiers were severely injured. The commander-in-chief said in that statement that the strike was carried out by “radical” militant groups that are supported by the Iranian regime.

According to different reports, the strike represents the first deaths of US service members by enemy combatants in the region since Israel declared war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas after the October 7 attacks. In a separate statement, the US Pentagon described the attack as a “one-way suicide” drone strike in a patrol base. The Pentagon also pointed out that those who were behind the attack would pay.

Some media outlets noticed that President Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris were briefed on the drone strike by the national security team. In his statement, President Biden added that he and his family joined the friends and families of the soldiers who died, describing the attack as “despicable and wholly unjust.”

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