Biden Voters Ready to Flip After Trump’s Recent Announcement

( – Some Biden supporters in Nevada recently admitted that they would be willing to vote for former President Donald Trump after learning of his plan to eliminate taxation on tips should he be reelected to office as commander-in-chief again.

Trump promised to take the action during a campaign rally in the so-called Silver State, saying that the measure would make hotel workers “very happy.” The former president added that it was unfair for service workers to get their tips taxed and also promised that the measure would be one of the firsts he would approve if he won the 2024 presidential election.

Following a conversation with a group of service workers in Las Vegas, CBS reporter Olivia Rinaldi explained that she felt surprised that each one of them defined themselves as Democrats but said they would vote for Trump. She told the network that Trump’s promise resonated with the workers and said that President Joe Biden had reasons to be worried, as Nevada is a swing state that could end up being decisive in the election’s outcome.

Political analysts noted that Trump’s proposal is a smart move to make in Nevada as leisure and hospitality workers represent nearly 25 percent of the Silver State’s workforce. The total amount is 361,000, representing a significant number of votes that could switch from President Biden to Trump.

Experts explained that while the measure would also benefit Trump, it would need authorization from the legislative branch, as the United States Internal Revenue Service views non-cash and cash tips as taxable income. To make it happen, the Republican leader not only has to win the election but also make Republicans maintain control of the House of Representatives and retake control of the US Senate.

While Trump has been facing legal issues over the last few weeks, numerous polls keep showing he’s ahead of President Biden, who has been showing a decline in support among Democrats because of the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

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