Biden Taps VP as Replacement to Attend Peace Summit

( – US Vice President Kamala Harris announced on June 3 that she will replace US President Joe Biden as the United States representative at the Summit on Peace in Ukraine, which will take place in Lucerne, Switzerland, on June 15.

Harris’s office said that the Democratic leader would “underscore” the Biden administration’s commitment to stand with Ukraine and support its effort to secure peace. Her office added that the White House supports not only the Ukrainian “territorial integrity” and sovereignty but also the “principles” of the United Nations Charter.

Political analysts said that Harris’ attendance at the summit represents a significant hit to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as he was expecting President Biden to be the US representative at the event. The Ukrainian leader claimed on May 28 that President Biden’s absence would be the same as delivering a “standing ovation” to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. He added that President and Biden should meet with China’s President Xi Jinping at the summit and show their leadership in finding a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine, which started in 2022 after Russia decided to invade the country.

Geopolitical experts like Nacho Montes explained that Zelenskyy was expecting the American president’s presence as he would be able to strengthen NATO’s commitment to keep delivering economic and military aid to Ukraine. The support remains crucial for the Ukrainian armed forces as they have been suffering some defeats against the Russian military over the last few weeks.

The White House said that, in addition to Harris, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan will also represent the United States at the peace summit. Harris’s office detailed that the vice president would reaffirm support for all Ukrainians and let Russia know that Ukraine was not alone.

Political reporters said on social media that President Biden won’t be going to the summit as he will be in Los Angeles, California, for a fundraiser that day with celebrities such as actor George Clooney and former President Barack Obama.

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