Biden Seemingly Turns on ‘Ironclad’ Commitment to Defend Israel

( – According to an NBC News April 10 report, US President Joe Biden promised that his administration is fully committed to protecting Israel, as he said that the Iranian regime is threatening to execute a “significant strike” on the Jewish State. The US commander-in-chief explained that Iran could take military action at any moment in response to the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Syria, which killed some officers and two of the leading generals of Iran’s Armed Forces.

During a press conference outside the White House, President Biden said he recently had a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where he said the American commitment to “Israel’s security” was “ironclad.” He added that the United States will protect the Jewish State not only from Iran but also from its proxies in the Middle East.

One of these proxies is the Houthis in Yemen, which have gained control in numerous areas of the country and are backed by Tehran. The Houthis have committed numerous attacks against American and other Western vessels in the Red Sea in response to Israel’s military operation in Gaza following the October 7 attacks from the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

The other main Iranian proxy in the Middle East is the terrorist group Hezbollah, which has been receiving military and economic support from the Iranian regime over the last few years. Experts believe the group is a serious threat to Israel as it currently controls Lebanon, which is right next to the Jewish State.

President Biden also told reporters that Hamas had to accept the cease-fire offered by his administration as soon as possible, which included the liberation of the rest of the hostages kidnapped on October 7, including many Americans. He also said that one of his primary goals was to bring the American hostages home.

Shortly after Biden announced his intention to support Israel, Iran launched hundreds of missiles and one-way drones at the country. The overwhelming majority of the weapons were shot down, upwards of 99%, according to Israel. Shortly following the attack, Biden informed Netanyahu that his “ironclad” commitment to defending his country did not extend to participating in any retaliatory strikes against Iran. The US president is quoted as having told the prime minister that, “You got a win. Take the win” in response to the successful routing of the attack.

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