Biden Mocks Gun Owners, Claims Americans Need Fighter Jets to Take on Government

Biden Mocks Gun Owners, Claims Americans Need Fighter Jets to Take on Government

( – Over the weekend, President Joe Biden made fun of gun owners once again, this time by implying that in order to take on the might of the government, they would require F-16 fighter planes — not AR-15s.

During his mocking speech, Biden attempted to echo Thomas Jefferson’s quote regarding the Tree of Liberty being “refreshed” with the blood of “patriots and tyrants.” Biden mangled it, saying the “blood of liberty,” before correcting himself but still getting it wrong, stating the tree is watered with blood.

The president continued to mock proponents of 2A, sarcastically noting that he didn’t see many patriots ensuring that we “have these weapons.” He said anyone who worries about their government being tyrants needs an F-16 to do anything about it.

On June 21, 2023, Biden made a speech that pushed for the ban of assault rifles. When he said we “have to change,” he expressed his desire to see a prohibition of AR-15s. He said most Americans don’t need a “weapon of war.” He declared he was a proponent of the Second Amendment but taught law school and said the Constitution doesn’t say you can own any weapon you want.

He said an AR-15 would do nothing to combat a feared government because you would need an F-16.

The president then informed his listeners that the AR-15 is the most profit-driven weapon they create since it’s the cheapest to produce. He said selling AR-15s generates more revenue than selling any other kind of firearm.

On January 5, the day before the third anniversary of the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol when President Trump’s supporters attempted to keep him in office, President Joe Biden warned that Donald Trump’s ambitions to recapture the White House in 2024 represented a severe danger to the nation.

As he spoke in Pennsylvania on the site of the Continental Army’s brutal winter over 250 years ago in Valley Forge, Biden said that January 6, 2021, was the day when America was nearly lost.

It’s been noted that Biden’s remarks that an AR-15 is nothing compared to the government weaponry seems hypocritical, considering he claims the country was “nearly lost” on Jan 6 at the hands of unarmed men and women.

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