Biden Losing Popularity With Young Americans

( – According to a Politico April 7 report, polls have shown that US President Joe Biden is experiencing a severe popularity decline among young voters, with political analysts saying such a problem could ruin his chances of getting reelected. The surveys also revealed that former President Donald Trump is experiencing the opposite situation, as his popularity among the electorate’s youngest block is getting higher. Despite the bad results among young voters, the commander-in-chief is stronger than ever with senior voters, according to the polls.

Politico explained that the reality shown by the surveys would represent a massive generational shift, as GOP presidential candidates have been winning older voters for decades, while Democrats have done the same with the younger vote. The media outlet added that if each of these polls ends up being correct, the presidential campaigns of Trump and President Biden would experience a massive effect on the “coalitions” they are building for the presidential election.

Political experts have pointed out that the situation could be a surprising setback for the Democratic leader. Despite his efforts to secure the younger vote through a range of liberal policies, including student loan forgiveness, his popularity among this demographic is waning. This unexpected turn of events could have significant implications for his reelection campaign.

One of the polls that revealed President Biden’s declining popularity among young voters was made by Fox News, which explained that Trump was leading the commander-in-chief among voters under 30 by 18 points. The conservative outlet added that Trump’s lead increased to 21 points when including third-party and independent presidential candidates.

Another poll was conducted by NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist College, which showed that the Republican leader was leading President Biden by two points among Gen-Z and millennial voters. The poll added that the commander-in-chief was leading Trump among voters 45 years or older.

The last time a Republican presidential nominee won the younger vote happened in 1988 when George H.W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis.

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