Biden Joins TikTok to Court Young Voters

( – Despite security concerns, the Joe Biden campaign joined TikTok — a China-based social media platform that has been banned on most US federal government devices.

During Sunday’s Super Bowl, the president’s campaign officially started its account under the handle @bidenhq. With the phrase “lol hey guys,” aides to Biden asked him about his favorite Super Bowl games in a promotional video.

In 2022, the president signed a bill prohibiting using TikTok on most federal government equipment. Similar bills have passed in many states. Lawmakers from both sides of Congress have demanded the app’s prohibition in the United States on the grounds that the Chinese government has access to user data.

It’s well known that TikTok gathers a great deal of personal information from users in America. The US government is concerned that China may obtain this data using its national security legislation.

Many Democrats have been reluctant to utilize TikTok to engage with voters because of data security worries, according to Democrat strategist Michael Starr Hopkins. According to his aides, the president himself will not run his TikTok account; instead, it will be handled by his campaign team.

Among Mr. Biden’s goals for the 2024 campaign is a return to historic levels of youth participation. However, public sentiment surveys suggest that this traditional electoral alliance may be eroding.

Reports show Democrat strategists should be concerned that polls have shown Biden lagging behind his opponent, former president Donald Trump, among younger voters. The Biden campaign seems to be well aware of this matter.

According to Kyle Tharp, creator of the political newsletter FWIW, the Biden campaign has used celebrities and influencers to reach younger audiences. The weekly covers digital trends, expenditure, and strategy in US elections.

The support of young people, he said, will determine the outcome of this election, even though they often vote for Democrats. Biden considers it crucial to connect with that population. Many have voiced their disapproval of the president’s age, with as many as 75% of likely November voters believing he is too elderly to be president. The president is 81 years old.

Last week, a justice department investigation into his handling of secret information brought political shame to the White House by characterizing him as a kind-hearted old guy with a forgetful memory. Because of these factors, special counsel Robert Hur declined to recommend that Biden be prosecuted.

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