Biden Interrupted By Protesters While Giving Speech

Biden Interrupted By Protesters While Giving Speech

( – Pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted US President Joe Biden on January 8 during a speech he was delivering in South Carolina. The incident represents another example of the current division in the Democratic Party over the Israeli war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

The commander-in-chief was speaking at the Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, where a white supremacist gunman committed one of the worst atrocities the city had seen, killing nine worshippers back in 2015. The pro-Palestinian demonstrators started to scream inside the church as President Biden was saying that the truth was “under assault” in the United States.

At one moment, a woman could be heard yelling at the Democratic leader that he should honor every life that has been lost in Gaza if he cares about the people who have died there. She and many other protesters started to chant “cease-fire now” and some anti-Israel slogans.

As the protesters were escorted out of the church by authorities, some Biden supporters started to chant “Four more years.” The president then said that he understands their passion and noted that he’s currently working with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reduce the number of Israeli troops in their armed incursion into Gaza as soon as possible.

Following the terrorist attacks committed by Hamas on Israel on October 7, President Biden has been facing numerous protests on every single trip he has made since then. The liberal leader has also been facing increasing pressure from the progressive faction of the Democratic Party to call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. Some polls have even said his popularity has been affected since the terrorist attacks, as many Democrats believe he shouldn’t support Israel.

Over the last few weeks, the White House has rebuffed calls for a cease-fire, as many of its officials have argued that doing it would allow the Palestinian terrorist group to reorganize. Instead, the Biden administration has urged the Israeli government to minimize the impact of its armed operation.

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