Biden Insults Putin, Risking Further Escalations Between Nations

( – US President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “SOB” and a “crazy” person during a February 21 California fundraiser, which prompted a flurry of angry responses not only from some of Putin’s allies but also from the Kremlin. During a campaign event in San Francisco, the commander-in-chief said that in addition to climate change, Putin was another serious existential threat to the world because of the risk of a nuclear conflict.

A couple of hours after his comments, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that President Biden’s remarks against Putin were pathetic, claiming he was trying to look like “a Hollywood cowboy.” Peskov also told reporters that the language used by the liberal leader against Putin doesn’t reflect on Putin but instead “debased” the US commander-in-chief. He even said that the “vocabulary” used by President Biden degraded “America itself” as the Russian President has never used “crude words” to address any American president.

During an interview with a Russian journalist in Moscow, Putin reiterated his belief that Biden is better for Russia. The Russian leader responded that, judging by President Biden’s comments, it was clear he was “more preferable” for Russia than former President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

During his speech at the fundraiser, President Biden also criticized Putin and the Kremlin for the mysterious death of Russia’s prominent opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, who was jailed in 2021 after returning to his country from Germany. The liberal leader said that no one could doubt that his death was the direct consequence of “something” that Putin and the Kremlin did. He added that Navalny was not only brave but also principled, which he defined as two “things that Putin was not.”

Many political analysts and geopolitical experts believe that President Biden’s words were counterproductive and would unnecessarily exacerbate tensions between Russia and the Western world by escalating the armed conflict in Ukraine.

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