Biden Insults Foreign Ally, White House Refuses to Apologize

( – The White House recently refused to deliver an apology to Japan after US President Joe Biden said that the Asian nation was “xenophobic.”

The commander-in-chief delivered the controversial comment against one of the leading US allies during a campaign fundraiser in Washington. At the event, the Democratic leader said that the reason why the United States has been the greatest economy in the world for so many years was because “we welcome immigrants.” He then claimed that was one of the main differences between America and other powerful nations around the world, such as China, Russia, and Japan.

President Biden went even further and told the audience that if they ask themselves why these three nations are currently having so many problems in their economies, it is because they are “xenophobic” and “don’t want immigrants.”

During a following press conference, White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre was asked whether the way the commander-in-chief referred to Japan was intentional and whether he would apologize to the Japanese government. Jean-Pierre tried to dodge the question by saying that what the 81-year-old Democratic leader wanted to say was that the United States was a nation of immigrants and that other countries shouldn’t reject embracing that idea.

When she was pressed to answer the question, the press secretary refused to do it again, saying that being a nation of immigrants was part of the American “DNA” and explaining that all Americans should feel proud of that. She added that the United States has been one of the most powerful nations around the world because of that, and said that was the point President Biden was trying to make.

Some political analysts have expressed concern over President Biden’s comments, suggesting that his inclusion of Japan alongside Russia and China, the main US geopolitical foes, could have significant diplomatic repercussions. They argue that such remarks could potentially strain the relationship with Japan, the largest US ally in Asia, which plays a crucial role in balancing against Beijing’s expansionist ambitions.

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