Biden Hemorrhaging Support Among Latino Voters

( – According to an Axios/Ipsos poll, US President Joe Biden’s popularity among Latino voters in the country has been reduced by 12 points, which could affect his chances of getting re-elected. Some reports explained that the survey confirmed a previous poll conducted by New York Times/Siena College, which also showed that Latinos were less likely to vote for the liberal leader in the 2024 presidential election.

The Ipsos poll also found that Latino support for former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump surged by three points, in what political analysts believe could end up being the unexpected element that would make him win the election. As reported in the survey, the conservative leader has gained 29 points on the president among Latinos since he assumed office back in 2021, with Biden holding a small lead of three points among those who say they will vote in the election. The Ipsos poll added that Trump currently has a lead of 11 points on who can reduce soaring crime in the country and who can handle the US economy better.

In addition to Trump, the poll also showed that the Republican Party is gaining more popularity among Latinos, as the GOP has a three-point lead on which political party is better to deal with the economic situation right now. The GOP also has a four-point lead on which political party is better to reduce nationwide crime.

While Trump has increased its popularity among Latino voters, recent research from the Pew Research Center revealed that he won’t gather too much support from black voters. While some reports and surveys have been suggesting a racial realignment from the black vote, which has been historically supporting the Democratic Party, the research showed that only 12 percent of black voters support the GOP.

However, a Politico report said that some polls have shown that President Biden’s popularity among young voters is experiencing a severe decline, with Trump now being the most popular candidate among them.

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