Biden Bashes Trump Over Bibles While Promoting Abortion

( – US President Joe Biden blasted former president and presidential nominee Donald Trump on April 22 for promoting Bibles — during an event where he championed abortion and criticized the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. At the Dale Mabry campus of the Hillsborough Community College, President Biden blamed Trump for the court’s decision and even claimed it was a shame that the former commander-in-chief labeled it as a “miracle.”

During the speech, which lasted 15 minutes, the Democratic leader also said that maybe the words Trump said came from the Bibles he wants people to buy. He added in a mocking tone that hearing Trump selling Bibles and saying the erroneous things he said almost made him buy one just to know “what the hell’s in it.”

President Biden also told attendees that the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was a political deal made by the Republican Party’s evangelical base. He claimed that the Supreme Court’s decision was a hit to millions of women in the country who are seeing their rights being threatened.

On social media, many users said that it was dark hypocrisy from President Biden to mock Trump at a moment when he was promoting the killing of unborn babies. Some even said that the commander-in-chief could alienate independent voters even more with these remarks.

The Bibles Trump was selling on his Truth Social platform are named “God Bless the USA,” inspired by the patriotic song of country superstar Lee Greenwood. The ballad is played at every Trump rally when the former president takes the stage.

President Biden’s speech at the university came as no surprise, as many political analysts have been saying over the last few months that the Democratic leader will make abortion his presidential campaign’s main priority ahead of the elections. They have claimed that President Biden’s team and advisors concluded that galvanizing young voters and women would be the best way to increase his popularity and beat Trump.

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