Biden Administration Gets Unfriendly Christmas Presents

Biden Administration Gets Unfriendly Christmas Presents

( – Dozens of Pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered outside the homes of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on December 25 to protest against the Biden administration’s support for the Israeli government. Austin and Sullivan are considered two of the leading foreign affairs advisers of US President Joe Biden.

The group of demonstrators could be seen outside the Virginia and Washington, DC, homes of Austin and Sullivan during morning hours, as a large police presence was moving in to prevent the situation from escalating. In one of the videos posted by the far-left group People’s Forum on its Twitter account, protesters can be seen and heard singing anti-Israel and pro-Palestine chants.

The group also called on all liberals in the United States to support them by being part of the “All out for Palestine” protest in New York City and bringing candles to show a “nativity scene.” People’s Forum also said that people need to show the Biden administration that “most Americans” won’t stand with “the genocide” that the Israeli military is executing against “innocent Palestinians” in Gaza.

Different political groups criticized People’s Forum’s protests in front of Austin and Sullivan’s home on social media. Non-partisan group Stop Antisemitism said on its Twitter account that while everyone has the right to protest, what the “pro-Palestinian agitators” did was harassing not only the Biden administration officials but also their neighbors. The group also noted that what People’s Forum fails to understand is that harassing a four-star general who has served the United States during his entire career won’t “free Palestine.”

The Israeli government declared war against the terrorist group Hamas after their October 7 attacks on the Jewish State, which was considered the worst tragedy that Jews have suffered in a single day after the Holocaust. From that moment, the United States has experienced a rise of antisemitic attacks, with the Democratic Party experiencing a split between those who stand with Israel and those who believe that Tel Aviv is committing genocide.

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