Ben Shapiro Takes Terrorist Sympathizers to School

Ben Shapiro Takes Terrorist Sympathizers to School

( – Daily Wire editor emeritus and co-founder Ben Shapiro discussed the history of the Gaza Strip with journalist Megyn Kelly during an October 10 interview. Shapiro discredited the claims from the supporters of the terrorist group Hamas, who suggest the atrocities committed against Israeli citizens have to do with Israeli settlements.

After opening her show recounting the numerous reports of the terrorist attacks in Israel against innocent people, Kelly asked Shapiro to explain the history of the Gaza Strip. She said this was important, as the far-left in the West has tried to justify these acts and even blame the Jewish state for executing a military response against Hamas. She then mentioned Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, who said Israel’s response was a “war crime.”

Shapiro explained that Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip back in 2005 to create a security arrangement, which was meant to protect Israeli citizens at the northern tip and allow Palestinians to have a chance to elect a government. Shapiro said that the problem on this point was that the Palestinians elected Hamas, which back then was already considered a terrorist organization by the US State Department. Because of this, the Daily Wire co-founder said it’s “insane” to tie the terrorist attacks on Israel to settlements, as there is not a single one inside the Gaza Strip.

About the historical dynamic between Israel and Hamas, Shapiro emphasized that the terrorist group has never been a peace partner. He said that Israel has even provided free electricity and water to the Gaza Strip and recently provided 15,000 work permits.

The Daily Wire editor emeritus also told Kelly that what many leftists don’t know or don’t want to recognize is that Hamas is willing to destroy the Gaza Strip if this allows them to destroy Israel. He explained that the international community gave Hamas cement and pipes to build a sewage system in the Gaza Strip, but they used it to make rockets and tunnels to attack the Jewish state.

Shapiro pointed out that even in their bombing operations, Israel always warned Palestinian citizens about these attacks with hours of advance notice. He also argued that the only party that doesn’t want peace is Hamas.

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