Bad Blood Between Rival States Ramps Up

( – Republican Texas Representative Beth Van Duyne has announced she will run a full-page advertisement in the New York Post telling law enforcement officers it’s time to “escape New York and move to Texas.” The lawmaker stressed that every Republican in New York comprehends that the “courageous” officers are placed in dangerous and “impossible” situations, suggesting they move to a state with law and order, such as Texas.

Van Duyne claimed that most of the Democratic lawmakers from New York City support defunding the police, a soft approach to crime, and large-scale illegal immigration rather than seeking to protect the lives of police officers and their families. She accused Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Attorney General Letitia James of exploiting law enforcement for photo opportunities.

In March 2024, the New York Police Department’s Sergeants Benevolent Association stated in a letter that Democratic lawmakers who wanted to defund the police were not welcome at the funeral of Jonathan Diller. Diller, 31, was shot and killed when he approached a car illegally parked at a bus stop in March. SBA President Vincent Vallelong slated the Democrats for displaying “crocodile tears” on social media when they had worked hard to defund the police in New York.

Van Duyne said that the Empire State is deliberately against having law and order and told police they should not be putting their lives on the line for politicians who do not care about them or their families. She described Democratic lawmakers as “anarchists” who use police officers as “punching bags” to satisfy extremists. Van Duyne also referenced the issue of recidivism, which has also prompted Democratic Mayor Eric Adams to call on Albany to do more to prevent the release of violent repeat offenders.

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