Authorities Have Recovered Corpse of Missing University Student

( – Tennessee authorities have announced that police officers found the body of missing University of Missouri student Riley Strain in a Nashville river a couple of weeks after he disappeared. In a statement, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department detailed that the 22-year-old student’s corpse was located nearly 9 miles away from the Cumberland River’s downtown area, adding that officers didn’t find any sign of “foul-play related trauma.”

During a press conference, Police Chief John Drake explained that authorities found Strain’s body in the clothes that the 22-year-old student had worn the day he disappeared. According to some reports, he was last seen during a trip with his brothers of the Delta Chi Fraternity on March 8, when he suddenly disappeared after leaving a honky-tonk bar named Luke’s 32 Bridge, which is owned by artist Luke Bryan.

A cousin of the 22-year-old student told media outlet WKRN during an interview that the last time Strain’s mother heard from his son was at 7:30 p.m. that same night. He also told the outlet that he heard Strain telling his mother he was “having a good time.”

In the press conference, Drake shared surveillance video showing Strain walking away and disoriented after leaving Luke’s 32 Bridge. A couple of hours later, TC Restaurant Group, which owns the bar, denied in a statement over-serving Strain. It added that the college student was served two glasses of water and “one alcoholic drink” while he was in the bar.

A police report detailed that his friends told police officers that Strain separated from them and that they eventually tried to locate him using Snapchat’s location function. They added that their effort was unsuccessful and that they stopped looking for him about an hour later.

Addressing the discovery of Strain’s body, Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell wrote on his Twitter account that what happened wasn’t “the outcome that anyone hoped for.” He also sent his condolences to Strain’s parents and “everyone who loved him.”

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