Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Arson Outside Commissioner’s Home

Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Arson Outside Commissioner's Home

( – A group of anarchists boasted that they torched a vehicle that was parked in front of the house of Portland, Oregon Commissioner Rene Gonzalez on January 12. News reports noted that the car that caught fire was a 2024 Honda Accord. Firefighters rushed to the scene, extinguished the flames, and eventually said in a statement there were no casualties or injuries.

The Portland Police Bureau noted that firefighters found evidence that suggested the fire was intentionally set, pointing out it had already ordered an investigation into the matter. However, a local blog that published numerous “calls to action” for left-wing radicals and anarchists shared a post in which some anarchists said they did it for “community self-defense.”

An anonymous blogger even shared some details about the crime, including the use of a fire starter, which the blogger said is one of the best items to use in these types of acts as it can be found in any “big box store.” The person added that the group’s only regret was not attacking the other two cars that were outside Gonzalez’s house.

Over the last few months, vandals in Portland have consistently targeted the city commissioner, who is a political newcomer who has described himself as a centrist who supports law and order. His campaign headquarters were vandalized on numerous occasions ahead of the 2022 election, where Gonzalez beat incumbent Jo Ann Hardesty, who wanted to defund the police.

In the blog post, the anarchists said that the attack could serve as a “warning” to every politician in Portland and their “capitalist cronies.” The group added that the attack against Gonzalez was a “call to action” to every single anarchist in the city. It also said that the action was dedicated to the memory of anarchist Esteban Paez, who was killed by a police officer in Atlanta during a gunfight.

In a statement, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said that the incident was a case of “political vandalism.” He also said that authorities will prosecute those responsible for the attack.

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