American Hero Dead at 102

( – American hero Brigadier General Clarence Anderson died on May 17 during his sleep in his house in Auburn, California, at the age of 102.

In a statement posted on his website, his family explained that he died “peacefully.” They added that it was a blessing for them to share their lives with Anderson, who is better known as “Bud,” as he was a loving father and husband. The family ended the statement by saying that he was loved by many people and had an “amazing life.”

Anderson was the last surviving triple ace pilot who fought against Nazi Germany in World War II and was considered such a legendary pilot that he was inducted into the United States National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2008. He was born in Oakland in 1922 and knew he wanted to fly airplanes since childhood. His biography detailed that while he took his first steps as a pilot at the age of 19, he never thought he would defend the country in one of the greatest wars in human history.

Anderson’s website detailed that, during the war, he served two combat tours, escorting bombers over numerous countries across Europe from 1942 to 1945. He was part of nearly 120 combat missions where he showed not only unique skills but also high efficiency while fighting against enemies. Anderson became a member of the US 357th Fighter Group, which was also called “The Yoxford Boys,” and destroyed three dozen Nazi aircraft.

In addition to fighting in World War II, where he played a major role in the victory over the Third Reich, Anderson also served Southeast Asia in post-war Korea as a squadron commander and the commander of the US Tactical Fighter Wing. During his service, he earned two Legion of Merits, 16 Air Medals, 23 medals, and numerous service and campaign ribbons.

In 2015, Anderson received the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award, along with the Medal of Freedom.

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