American Among Remains Found in Remote Well

( – Mexican authorities have announced that the three corpses found near Mexico’s Ensenada fishing port were those of two missing surfers from Australia and another from the United States. Local police said that the three of them were killed by criminals after an alleged carjacking.

In a statement, Baja California’s attorney general’s office explained that family members of the three victims went in person to the Mexican state to make the proper identification of the surfers at the behest of state prosecutors. Authorities stated that police officers found the corpses 50 feet deep in a remote well.

The office also said in the statement that the identities of the three corpses were Jack Carter Rhoad from the United States and Callum and Jake Robinson from Australia. The bodies were found in a town named La Bocana, which is located in Ensenada’s southern region.


Medical records from Ensenada’s medical examiner’s office revealed that the three surfers all suffered gunshots to their heads. The three of them already knew each other and at least two of them were living in San Diego, California, before taking the trip to Mexico.

During a press conference, Ensenada’s prosecutors said that while the investigation into the matter remains on course, they determined that the reason behind the incident was carjacking. They added that the criminals were mainly focused on their pickup trucks’ wheels.

When asked what more details they could reveal, prosecutors told reporters that, during their surfing and fishing trip, the surfers weren’t staying at a hotel or a hostel but at a makeshift encampment. They added that the encampment was the crime scene, revealing that officers found bloodstains, gun shells, and numerous marks that indicated their bodies were dragged to another location.

In a statement, Baja California’s Chief Prosecutor Maria Andrade explained that the Mexican police had already detained three suspects whom they believe are connected to the case. She added that the suspects are involved in methamphetamine production and distribution as well as kidnapping.

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