Activists Recorded Cheering Iranian Strikes on Israel

( – Far-left anti-zionist activists in Chicago demanding President Joe Biden cease all foreign aid to Tel Aviv have cheered a large-scale drone and missile attack carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran against Israel. The gathering featured several dozen pro-Palestinian protestors who opposed U.S. support for Israel and were calling for Palestinian resistance against and liberation from U.S. policies in the region.

The bombardment of hundreds of missiles and drones was successfully fended off, but initially posed a serious risk to civilians throughout the country. Several drones were shot down by British Royal Air Force jets. President Joe Biden announced that the U.S. moved warships and airships into the region before Iran’s attack and that U.S. forces took down most incoming missiles and drones. Biden reaffirmed the White House’s “ironclad” support for supporting Israel’s security.

The young pro-Palestine group IfNotNow has criticized both Israel and Iran as authoritarian governments, and the heightened tensions further highlight the division between far-left and moderate Democrats regarding the conflict in Gaza. U.S. Palestinian Community Network member Hatem Abudayyeh noted the collective efforts of Iranian, Iraqi, and Yemeni forces in fighting Israel. When he announced that the countries may have also collaborated in the attempted bombardment, those attending the conference praised the potential massacre of Israelis by applauding and cheering. Chants of “glory to the martyrs” and “Hands off Iran!” were heard.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz described the radical Left as “sick” after footage of the event circulated online. Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio slated the pro-cease-fire lobby, claiming that they do not want a ceasefire but only the destruction of Israel. Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad told the BBC on October 7 that Iran had offered its support for the terrorist attack carried out against Israel.

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson has condemned leading Democrats for failing to address anti-American and anti-Israel protests. He accused the party’s leadership of attempting to appease a “pro-Hamas” faction in the party after several cities saw demonstrations following Iran’s bombardment. American flags were burned in the protests. Johnson accused the White House of abandoning Israel and stressed the need for the U.S. to unequivocally stand with the nation.

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